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The Dog Days of Summer

Today the second half of the Major League Baseball season starts in what sports writers have termed “the dog days of baseball.”¬† I’ve always loved this phrase that describes baseball in July and August; the days are long and hot, more day games are scheduled, and the games start to take on an air of … Continue reading

Is Authoritarianism Better for Economic Growth?

Ryan Avent has an excellent post¬†taking issue with Matt Steinglass’ assertion that China’s economy is thriving precisely because they have an authoritarian government, while the US and the EU’s economies are struggling under the weight of their democratic regimes. Avent rightly points out that China, for all its rapid growth, is still not a wealthy … Continue reading

First Pitch

I started this blog to write freely about my two favorite subjects: economics and baseball. Most of the time this blog will deal with economic issues, but from time to time I’ll incorporate a baseball post into it. After all, life isn’t fun without a little baseball. I’m not one of those bloggers who has … Continue reading